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My Search Core Results -- This webpart inherits from the CoreResultsWebpart. Scott Hillier's solution for returning appended "My" results was a basis for this web part. But where Scott's example code appends to the user query, this generates a fixed query so results appear on page load. The Web Part configuration settings for "My Query Builder" provides ability to add an initial fixed query value (e.g.., to return just documents you could enter "IsDocument:1" in this field) and a field where the Managed Property contains the current user (e.g. ModifiedBy, Author, or your own Managed Property) so when the web part renders it adds the fixed query (e.g IsDocument:1 ModifiedBy:"<user login>"). Note: If you want to throw more than one of this webpart on a single page, make sure to set a unique Cross-Web Part query ID.

Sortable Results -- This webpart inherits from the CoreResultsWebpart. If you have need to sort your results by a managed property, you can configure this web part's "Sort Override" value with your managed property. WARNING: For SharePoint Search, the Managed Property needs to have the "Reduce storage requirements for text properties by using a hash for comparison" optimization value selected. For FAST search, there is a powershell command you can run to make your managed property sortable. This webpart simply came from code provided here I'm just packaging it with this project because I have it, used it, and thought it would be convenient for someone else to have entire solution.

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